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South Sea Pearl Price is an organic gemstone formed inside the body of a living mollusk. Pearls are broadly categorized into freshwater & saltwater Pearls. Most freshwater pearls come from China.


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The main types of saltwater Pearls are – Akoya from Japan, Tahitian from French Polynesia & South Sea pearls are found mostly in the waters of Australia, Indonesia & Philippines.

Pearl is June Birthstone and represents the Moon planet in Vedic astrology. It brings Peace, Positivity, mental & emotional stability, and also good health.

South Sea pearls are one of the rarest and most prized pearls in the world. They can be identified chiefly thanks to their large size and are ordinarily the largest cultured pearls.

South sea pearl is an organic, white to bluish-grey colored, valuable gemstone produced inside the body of a living organism called ‘Mollusc’.

This gemstone represents the Moon planet and holds a strong astrological significance in Vedic astrology. It is convoy Peace, Positivity, mental & emotional stability, and also good health.

South sea pearl gemstone is used for making elegant jewelry pieces. South sea pearl is one of the most admirable gemstones of Navratna. Natural pearls are very rare to find.

In astrology, Pearl denotes Moon and represents charm, love, a steady mind, softness, great family life, and many others. Pearl (Moti) is a natural gemstone found in the sea.

These are the only gemstones that are organized by live organisms (shelled mollusks). These are made up of nacre which is mainly the combination of aragonite and conchiolin.

This gem is related to the potent planet ‘Moon’. Moon signifies calmness, peace, health, and wisdom in the life of human beings. South sea pearl stones are of different sizes, colors, and shapes. They are produced on the beds of the oysters that lay deep inside the ocean.


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